Chicken with Grilled Corn Salsa and a Birthday!!

Happy Birthday!!

     Today is a very special day for us!! We’re celebrating a birthday!! And not just any birthday, but Griffin’s Grub first birthday!! I can’t believe a year ago we launched this site and made our first post (which was First Attempt at Planking, in case you were curious). A year ago, we had no idea where this was going and now, a year later….we STILL don’t…..but it sure has been a lot of fun! Even though we are celebrating, we decided to cook something healthy…..grilled chicken breasts, but to spice it up, we also made some grilled corn salsa! Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean you can’t pack in some flavor. 😉

Chicken with grilled corn salsa

     And let me tell you, this is one flavorful salsa. The sweetness of the corn against the heat from the jalapeno, the acidity and tartness from the lime…..a flavor explosion. I can still taste it. Heck, I could have eaten the salsa by itself (and I did eat the remaining salsa straight from the bowl with a spoon).

The players in the salsa. There’s actually more here than what went into the salsa, I wasn’t sure on the amounts I’d need so I just grilled extras 😉


  • 2 ears of corn
  • about 6 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 jalapeno
  • 1/2 red onion
  • 1 to 2 limes
  • 1 tbsp chopped cilantro
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 to 2 chicken breasts (I believe this would also pair nicely with salmon or other fish)
  • fajita rub (I used Dizzy Pig’s Fajita-ish) or other southwestern rub
On to the grill at 400F


  1.  Set up your grill to medium high or about 400 F. If you hold your hand about 3 inches above the grate, you should be able to count  4 Mississippi’s before the heat forces you to move (interesting fact, huh?)
  2. Wash your fruits and vegetables and slice your limes and your onions. You may want to use a toothpick or two to keep your onions intact on the grill. Spray your vegetables with PAM and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  3. Place your vegetables and lime on the grill, and turn every few minutes. Remove when charred on each side. The tomatoes will take the least amount of time (about 2-3 minutes) and the corn will take the longest (6 to 8). When done, remove vegetables and allow to cool.

    Ingredients for the salsa charred
  4. Using a sharp knife, trim the kernels off the cob into a bowl (yes, into a bowl, otherwise you are going to make a big mess everywhere, trust me on this). Dice up the tomatoes and onions and add to the corn.
  5. Slice the jalapeno in half lengthwise and remove the seeds and membrane with a spoon (this is where the heat is, for a hotter salsa, leave the seeds and membrane in). Dice the jalapeno and add to the salsa. (You may want to add a little at a time and adjust to taste. We like spicy food, but I think we got a freakishly mutated jalapeno as half of one was plenty for us)
  6. Finely chop up the cilantro and add to the salsa
  7. Squeeze the juice from one or two limes onto the salsa, for us one a half was perfect, but adjust to your taste.
  8. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  9. The salsa can be served now, but will be better if allowed to sit for an hour or two in the fridge.
Grilled corn salsa

     Not gonna spend much time talking you through the chicken breasts as we’ve covered that many a time already. Pound the chicken breasts to a uniform thickness, sprinkle on a rub of your choice, we used Dizzy Pig’s Fajita-ish, but any fajita rub, southwestern rub or even bbq rub would work. Grill direct at 400F for about 8-10 minutes, flipping halfway through and always, always cook to temp, not time. You’ll want to pull the chicken when it reaches 160 and it will carry over to 165 as it rests.

Chicken with grilled corn salsa plated up

     I don’t know where you’ve been getting your chicken, but lately, ours have been freakishly huge. In fact, they have been so large, that one is usually enough to feed the Mrs and me.

Mmmmm….doesn’t that look good?

     After dinner we stepped outside to take in some fresh air and to see what was going on with the weather and guess what we saw…..not a rainbow….but a double rainbow!! Of course the picture doesn’t do it justice, but you could see both of them stretching all the way across the sky. I don’t know if that’s some sort of sign or what, but I thought I’d share it with you.

Double rainbow

     And what kind of birthday would it be without cake? We here at Griffin’s Grub aren’t great bakers. I see the wonderful desserts some of you whip up and am in awe, but that just isn’t our thing. Yeah, we’ve piddled around and made some cookies, and a Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie and even a Pineapple Upside Down Cake, but since we’re still recovering from Germany and trying to get things back in order, we opted for a slice of store bought cake. Admit it… really don’t come here for dessert ideas anyway. 😉

Lemon Creme Coconut Cake

     I still can’t believe it has been one year already! Time flies when you are having fun. I’ve learned a lot over the course of one year. I’d like to think that my cooking has improved, as well as my writing and my photography. This blog has forced me to be creative in trying out new recipes and expanding my horizons, getting out of the normal routine cooks and challenging my meager culinary skills. Along the way, I’ve found some great blogs and met some great friends who have inspired me and pushed me to try harder. A big thanks to Chris @ Nibble Me This, the others of the Texas Crew (Jen at Juanita’s Cocina, Adam at The Unorthodox Epicure and Christine at Texana’s Kitchen), Christiane aka The Mom Chef @ Taking on Magazines and too many others to name here who have helped me along the way by inspiring me and showing me how they do it. And more importantly, I’d love to thank each and every one of you for stopping by and checking out my site. Whether you are new and just stumbled on us, or whether you’ve been with us from Day 1 (and there aren’t that many that were here Day 1, let me tell ya), I am thankful for each and every one of you.

     I honestly don’t know where we are going with this. I’m going to continue to search out new and exciting recipes, tweak old recipes, explore barbecue from different parts of America as well as the world. I’m going to try to incorporate some healthy recipes as well, maybe dabble some more in desserts and baking. Really excited for football season to start so we can try out new appetizers and tailgating food. I’ve even got some ideas in mind for grilled soup…..Yep, you heard me, we’re gonna grill soup as soon as it gets a little cold here.

     So what would you like to see? Got any ideas of things you’d like to see me grill or barbecue? Or heck….maybe even try to cook on that oversized box in the kitchen? Or is there anything you’d like to see me change? As always, I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment. Thanks again for making our first year such a wonderful year and Happy Birthday Griffin’s Grub!!


12 thoughts on “Chicken with Grilled Corn Salsa and a Birthday!!

  1. Griffin, looks so good! Our breasts err I mean Chicken Breasts have been ridiculously big as well. We slice ours in half width wise since our move I can’t find anything to pound them with. It is obviously in a box somewhere probably labeled Kitchen that I mistakingly put in the POD

  2. Happy birthday!!!

    I feel like I have so much left to learn by watching you. I’ve come so far. Don’t quit me now!

    Here’s to the next year!

  3. put the trimmed up chicken breasts in a large freezer bag. pour the marinade into the bag. smush the marinade all around and coat the chicken. put the bag in a pyrex dish lest it somehow seep all over your refrigerator. it’s best to marinate for at LEAST an hour, but the longer you marinate, the more robust your flavor will be. 6 hours is great for this recipe. overnight is ideal. flip the chicken in the bag over halfway thru and smush again.

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